Crowns and Bridges in Pinecrest

Crowns & Bridges

Sirrious Smiles offer perfectly matched crowns and bridges to restore your radiant smile

Is your smile held back by broken, chipped, or missing teeth? You may benefit from a dental crown or bridge. Sirrious Smiles provides crowns and bridges in Pinecrest, Florida. Over time, teeth can become weak and even begin to crack or chip. This not only hinders the natural appearance of your smile, but also can interrupt your ability to chew properly making your teeth vulnerable to further damage and decay. In cases where teeth are already missing, the remaining gaps and spaces can compromise the health of remaining teeth.  Sirrious Smiles crowns and bridges are durable and long-lasting and will help restore your full-functioning, naturally-beautiful smile.  

At Sirrious Smiles we use the latest in diagnostics and restorative treatments to provide the best, most immediate results for our patients. During your consultation, all instructions regarding your treatment aftercare will be discussed with you. Our zirconia or emax crowns and bridges are long-lasting and can be cared for using proper dental hygiene and regular professional cleanings.

The Sirrious Smiles Restorative Dental options will help you get back to talking, laughing, eating, and engaging in social situations without having to worry about your smile in no time! Contact Us today for an appointment.

Our Patients Love Us

"I am very pleased with my experience. The staff is very personable. I would recommend their services."

review rating 5

"Incredible experience. I would recommend this location to anyone, Dr. Sirri is patient, calculated, quick and incredibly crafty. From tooth removal to restorative procedures this Dentist and accompanying office really take the pain and ache out of the routine dentist visit. "

review rating 5

"Very thorough. Office is well run and Dr. Sirri is very attentive and super gentle. Highly recommended. "

review rating 5

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